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Sharon Anne Ross

My name is Sharon and in my time, I’ve been a financial administrator, a professional musician, and a teacher, and only got really interested in photography in recent years, since I moved back to live in Ayrshire, I consider myself more of a serious hobbyist so all my photos are taken for my enjoyment.


I love the journey that I’m on and I’m always learning. One time I can spend ages waiting patiently to capture a perfect sunset only to find that the sun has chosen that particular evening to be as unspectacular as possible, but another time I’ll stumble across a beautiful ruin in a clearing in the woods somewhere and it just shouts out to be snapped. Anybody who takes their camera with them everywhere they go will know what I mean.


So please enjoy and leave a comment if you want to. Constructive criticism will always be welcomed! This is very much a work in progress and I aim to make it better and better. I’ll be updating it continuously so come back again soon.

Thank you



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