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Datta Chalisa In Telugu Pdf Downloadl [PATCHED]

Datta Chalisa In Telugu Pdf Downloadl: A Devotional Song for Lord Dattatreya

Datta Chalisa is a 40-verse hymn dedicated to Lord Dattatreya, who is considered as the incarnation of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one single form. He is also known as the universal guru, the supreme yogi and the master of all siddhis (powers).

Datta Chalisa In Telugu Pdf Downloadl


Datta Chalisa in Telugu is a popular devotional song among the devotees of Lord Dattatreya, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It praises the various aspects, forms and deeds of Lord Dattatreya and seeks his blessings and protection.

In this article, we will provide you with the lyrics, meaning and PDF download link of Datta Chalisa in Telugu. You can also listen to the audio of Datta Chalisa in Telugu by clicking on the play button below.

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Datta Chalisa In Telugu Lyrics

The following are the lyrics of Datta Chalisa in Telugu, taken from [^1^]. You can also download the PDF of Datta Chalisa in Telugu by clicking on the download button below.

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The following are the meanings of each verse of Datta Chalisa in Telugu, based on [^2^] and [^4^]. You can also download the PDF of Datta Chalisa in Telugu meaning by clicking on the download button below.

  • O Lord Dattatreya, you reside in Vallabhapura and you are the supreme Lord who is accessible to your devotees. You are the universal guru and you are the root cause of this creation.

  • You were born from the wish of sage Atri and the power of Anasuya Devi. You came to this earth in a divine and wonderful form. You showed your form to all the sages and gods and gave them immense bliss. They became liberated by your grace.

  • You are the embodiment of Omkara, O Lord. You enlightened the Vedas and gave true knowledge to the wise. You taught them the eightfold yoga and became their divine master. You remained as the king of yogis.

  • You touched the head of Brahma Deva and taught him the yoga of Akshara Parabrahma, the supreme reality. You are the cause of creation, preservation and dissolution. You manifested as a beautiful form and enjoyed with your consorts. You were not affected by Indra's jealousy.

  • You revealed your true form to Indra and made him remember your glories. You showered your grace on him and taught him your true nature. You killed Jambhasura who was troubling him. You married Anagha Devi who was Smartrugami, the one who comes when remembered.

  • He remembered you and you appeared before him. You taught him the Vajra Kavacha, a powerful armor. You protected Karthaveerya and gave him a thousand arms. You bestowed him with eight siddhis and defeated his enemies.

  • You calmed down Renuka's son who was restless. You appeared as Sankirtana Vadhuta and gave him peace. You were worshipped by Bhargava Rama with faith and devotion. You revealed to him the secret of Tripura, the three powers.

  • You fulfilled the wish of Madalasa Mata who wanted a son like you. You taught him yoga vidya and made him a yogi. You saved a brahma rakshasa from his curse. You met Vishnu Datta and gave him thirty-two teeth. You cured his leprosy.

  • Vishnu Datta asked you for his ancestral rites. You performed them for him. Suseela Devi prayed to you for a child. Anala Deva came as Surya Deva and blessed her. You had no desires but you granted their wishes. You gave them a wonderful mantra for the welfare of people.

  • You bathed in Kashi, begged in Kolhapur, touched Chandrabhaga river, drank Tungabhadra water, lived in Sahyadri puram, slept in Mahurugada. Your travels were amazing. You were the emperor of yogis.

  • In Kaliyuga, you came as Sripada Vallabha and protected your devotees. You were Narasimha Saraswati Swami and taught your devotee Gurubhakti. You showed your leelas as Manikya Prabhu and became Swami Samarth for your devotees. You came as Sai Natha to Shirdi and saved your devotees.

  • Vittaludu who always remembers you sings these verses to you. Protect those who sing these verses, O Lord Dattatreya who resides in Vallabhapura.

Mangalamayya Gurudeva Sachidananda Saddurudeva Mangalakarudu neevayya Bhakthula brovumu Gurudatta Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Dattatreya Maharaj ki Jai Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

O Gurudeva, you are auspicious, blissful and compassionate. You are the giver of auspiciousness. Protect your devotees, O Gurudatta. Glory to Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Dattatreya Maharaj. Om Peace Peace Peace. c481cea774


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