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Million Doll !!TOP!!

Dolls tie together each generation with it's culture, fashion, economics, local and world events. The dolls of Madame Alexander have been doing this for almost 100 years now. A reflection of time, we tend to be drawn to the generation of toys and dolls we grew up in - now with gentler memories of our families and experiences. Dolledition is a reflection of this golden era of mid-century dolls, at their zenith of quality and design. It's an opportunity to enjoy the dolls now as works of art and part of our history, all against the robust backdrop of New York City.

Million Doll

According to CNN, Mariotti told investors last week that a warehouse in Arizona had become so overwhelmed with the dolls that extra space had been rented out. The costs of housing the figures had begun to eat into the bottom line at a rapid pace, he added.

Not everything Hasbro touches has been a hit. Battleship, the 2012 movie based on the game, flopped. Jem and the Holograms, released in October, has yet to earn back its $5 million budget. But the successes have more than offset the bombs.

We've all seen dolls that blink, cry, wet themselves, walk, and talk, but The Bird Trainer takes the meaning of "doll" to a whole new level. Dressed in silk, satin, and velvet, with skin of painted porcelain, and glass eyes, The Bird Trainer lifts a flute to his mouth and blows the "Marche des Rois" by Georges Bizet. His fingers play the instrument while his eyes dart back and forth. Of course none of this happens until he's been wound with a golden key.

And if that's not enough, a bird perched on the Trainer's shoulder and another in his hand sing along. The tiny birds open and close their beaks, turn their heads, and flap their wings. (No, they don't fly but then we're only talking 6 million bucks here.) Each bird has 62 parts and moves in time with the flute's tune.

There's no motor or electrical power source. Spring-driven cogs and gears hidden within the graceful body drive all the actions. In all, the device has 2,340 gilt or polished-steel parts. The asking price for this one-of-a-kind collectible: $6,250,000. (For comparison, the record price for a doll is $230,000.)

I have vivid memories of paging through the original Pleasant Co. catalog when I was 9 years old. Most of my free time was dedicated to Cabbage Patch Kids, but my perspective on dolls shifted as I flipped through the glossy publication featuring American Girl dolls. Accompanied by more than a birth certificate and a quirky name, these new playmates came with historically rich backstories that sparked my imagination in a new way.

The dolls and experiences offered have come a long way since the original three characters (Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington and Molly McIntire) were introduced in 1986. As of 2022, American Girl, which was acquired by Mattel in 1998 when it was still Pleasant Co., has nearly 70 American Girl dolls in its lines (Truly Me, Girl of the Year, Historical Character, WellieWishers and Bitty Baby), and more than 36 million dolls have been sold since the company started.

According to The NPD Group, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls ranked No. 1 in dolls and No. 3 in total toys for March, holding onto the top spot since January. It was also in January that MGA saw a nearly 50% boost in growth versus last year due to the strong performance in the doll super-category. Year-to-date growth in February for MGA was up 27.6%, outpacing the toy industry, which saw a 1.5% growth.

No stranger to huge success in the world of toys, MGA has had hits with Num Noms (ranked as No. 2 in the dolls and collectibles category in February, according to The NPD Group), Project Mc2, Little Tikes, Gel-a-Peel, Georgie, Air Wars, Lalaloopsy, Bratz and Zapf. And, L.O.L. Surprise! recently won two coveted awards at the Australian Toy Association's (ATA) annual event: Doll of the Year and Toy of the Year.

Dolls sell for $10 and with stores quickly selling out, parents have turned to eBay in search of the sassy, fashion-forward collectibles with bids starting at $50. People have become so passionate that there was a $1,000 bid on a display kit with 36 dolls and empty display cases were on eBay for $285.

  • The Six Million Dollar Man was a US television show about a cyborg (bionic man) 'Office of Scientific Intelligence' (OSI). The show was based on the Martin Caidin's novel Cyborg, and aired on the ABC network as a regular series from 1974 to 1978, following three television movies in 1973. Lee Major played the title role of Steve Austin and subsequently became a pop culture icon of the 1970s.First issueThe first figure was made by Kenner Toys in 1975 and is so stamped on the back of the figure. It came in a box with a flap with drawings of the character in action. The box had a window to show the action figure. He was dressed in his NASA style Red Sweat Suit with red rubber shoes and white socks. Included with the action figure came an engine block which the figure could lift by turning the figures head to the right and depressing the button on his back, which made a cranking noise to represent the bionic action of the arm. Turning the head back to the left released the right arm from action. On this first issue, the figure's left arm is not removable, it doesn't detach from the shoulder as the second and third versions do, so if by any chance you do have one and the left arm can be removed then (unfortunately) you don't have a first issue.In addition to the title hero, the line featured an impressive rogues gallery: Maskatron, a Westworld-ish looking cyborg who came with a number of familiar faces used to infiltrate OSI; Fembot, a girly version of Maskatron; and Sasquatch (spoiler: he turned out to be as full of circuitry as Steve Austin). For nerdy little completists, there was also an Oscar Goldman doll, so kids could recreate OSI's bullshit administrative meetings or something, and for their sisters there was a Bionic Woman doll, whose super-hearing was represented by a clicking sound in her neck. The Bionic Woman came with a purse and a hairbrush.A spin-off of the show was produced called The Bionic Woman.Basic FiguresYearBionic Bigfoot1975Command Counsel1975Maskatron1975Oscar Goldman1975Porta Communicator1975Steve Austin (1975 issue)1975Steve Austin (1976 issue)1976Steve Austin (1977 issue - Biosonic)1977AccessoriesBack Pack Radio1975Bionic Cycle1975Bionic Mission Vehicle1975Bionic Transport & Repair Station1975Bionic Video Center1975Critical Assignment (Arms)1975Critical Assignment (Legs)1975Dual Luanch Drag Set1975Mission Control Center1975OSI Headquarters1975Tower & Cycle Set1975Venus Space Probe1975Bionic Adventures SetMission to Mars1975O.S.I. Undercover Assignment1975Test Flight at 75,000 Feet1975ExclusivesDr. Kromedome (Montgomery Ward)1975LinksWatch 6 Million Dollar Man action figure videos and commercials on YouTube

31 May 2022Other collectors also search for:Stretch&nbspArmstrong Big&nbspJim Major&nbspMatt&nbspMason Action&nbspMan

Color print advertisement for Styron, the trade name for Styrenic plastics historically manufactured and sold by the Dow Chemical Company for a variety of consumer applications. The advertisement features a photograph of a doll in a child's bedroom. The accompanying text describes the role of Styron in the manufacture of dolls and other items in "the multimillion dollar toy industry." This advertisement appeared in The Saturday Evening Post.

Mattel pulled the Cabbage Patch Kids Snacktime Kids doll from the market this month after about 100 reports of children getting hair and fingers caught in the battery-operated mouths. The company offered a $40 refund to doll owners.

Holiday shopping season has begun, and the hottest toy lists are out, but some toys remain relevant season after season.Standing 18-inches tall, the American Girl doll towers over her competition with more than 18 million dolls sold since the company was founded in 1986 and raking in $436 million in sales during 2009 alone.Whether designed in the likeness of her owner, a representation of a historical girl from the past (this reporter is partial to the now-retired Samantha doll from the Victorian era), or an American Girl of the Year, the dolls represent a sense of girl power and stick-to-it-ness.

Pope's Whisper Hill Farm went to $5.2 million to land the sale-topping Galileo mare Betterbetterbetter at Monday's Fasig-Tipton November sale. Last year, Pope spent $14.2 million to purchase Horse of the Year Havre de Grace and Kentucky Oaks (gr. I) winner Plum Pretty for her broodmare band.

As she had on the track, Groupie Doll lived up to the expectations as a sales prospect for her owners and extended family that included a large fan base.Several hours before she went through the ring, the Trackside barn at Keeneland was inundated with media, fans, and families of the Bradleys and their partners. Before she was led up to the sales ring, Groupie Doll was taken out of her stall by trainer Bradley to be shown one more time.At the sales pavilion, Fred Bradley, who decided not to attend this year's Breeders' Cup because of health reasons, sat on a bench in the spectator area that is just outside the main bidding seating. Fred and Buff sat alongside each other as the announcer recounted Groupie Doll's exploits on the track and a video displayed her Nov. 2 Breeders' Cup win.The Bradleys and their partners watched as the bidding opened at $500,000 and quickly went to $1 million before it increased in increments to $2.5 million. The announcer then reminded the audience of the mare's exploits and it was not long before the $3 million mark was achieved. The final bid elicited a cheer from the crowd as the classy mare exited the ring. 041b061a72


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