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Head to Central Hospital. Get a disguise from the ambulance and go inside. Check the hospital records. Bug Doctor Tsang's office and crack his safe before he comes back. Leave the hospital and return the uniform.

Radon gas given off by soil or rock can enter buildings through cracks in floors or walls; construction joints; or gaps in foundations around pipes, wires, or pumps. Radon levels are usually highest in the basement or crawl space. This level is closest to the soil or rock that is the source of the radon. Therefore, people who spend much of their time in basement rooms at home or at work have a greater risk for being exposed.

One legend holds that a man who, while under the influence of the drug, thoroughly sliced off pieces of his own face, including his eyes, to feed to his pet dogs. Some versions of this tale say he suffered permanent brain damage as well. This legend is remarkably similar to what the character Mason Verger did in Thomas Harris' 1999 novel Hannibal. The legend, however, dates back earlier than 1999, and can be traced to former New York homicide detective Vernon J. Geberth, who writes about it in his book Practical Homicide Investigation. According to Geberth, this actually did occur to a man named Michael, and Geberth was one of the detectives called to the scene.[84] A 1989 book by Dr. Joseph Sacco[85] also mentions this story, albeit with a few differences in the details.

This legend is technically true but highly misleading. According to a U.S. Army study, the amount of secondhand cannabis smoke needed to cause a false positive result (failure) is quite large indeed, and would require being sealed in an unventilated car or small room filled with marijuana being actively smoked (often referred to as a "hotbox") for several hours. Hair testing, however, is a different matter, particularly with passive exposure to crack/cocaine, which can deposit onto hair and be readily incorporated into it. With regards to cannabis, however, typically only metabolites (produced by the body and thus not found in smoke) are tested rather than THC, so failure is unlikely to result from non-extreme passive exposure.[104][105]

"[Note: Areas incidental to resident housing will mean any areas that exceed 10% of the resident housing area. This includes sleeping areas, dayrooms, group activity space, or other common spaces for customary access of residents.]"

How does radon get into a building? Most indoor radon comes into the building from the soil or rock beneath it. Radon and other gases rise through the soil and get trapped under the building. The trapped gases build up under the house. Air pressure inside homes is usually lower than the pressure in the soil. Therefore, the home acts as a vacuum cleaner suctioning radon and other gases from under the building, forcing gases through floors and walls and into the building. Most of the gas moves through cracks and other openings. Once inside, the radon can become trapped and concentrated. Openings, which commonly allow easy flow of the gases in, include the following: cracks in floors and walls; gaps in suspended floors; openings around sump pumps and drains; cavities in walls; joints in construction materials; gaps around utility penetrations (pipes and wires); and crawl spaces that open directly into the building. As almost all soils have traces of radium, so do all earthen building materials such as concrete and stone. It is possible to build radon into the building under the right conditions. For most Florida structures, building materials contribute less radon to the indoor air than the outdoor air ambient radon level does. More recent developments in housing construction has created radon problems due solely to radon released from building materials. Residences built entirely of concrete and with fresh air entry less than a two thirds the recommended amount for healthy indoor air, have been found to have building material related radon problems. Because of this phenomenon, Floridians have found elevated radon levels through all floors of high rise multi-family buildings. Radon may also be dissolved in water, particularly well water. Radon gets released as it aerates inside the house (in the shower, faucets, washing machines). However, the water needs to have at least 10,000 picoCuries per liter to generate 1 pCi/l in the air. Therefore, the more radon there is in the water, the more it can contribute to the indoor radon level. Trace amounts of uranium are sometimes incorporated into materials used in construction. These include, but are not limited to concrete, brick, granite, and drywall. Though these materials have the potential to produce radon, they are rarely the main cause of an elevated radon level in a building. While radon problems may be more common in some geographic areas, any home may have an elevated radon level. New and old homes, well-sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements can have a problem.Back to the TopRadon Testing

Wanda has spent a rough amount of weeks in the hospital, not just to recover from the gunshot wound, but to be detoxed of the crack in her system. Days pass and she struggles, especially with the nurses, knowing there is no rock to get high on. She is sleep deprived, and without an appetite as she tosses her food at the television showing Ronald Reagan making a speech. Whenever she is sleeping, she begins experiencing nightmares like seeing a newborn baby crying with some birth defects. Soon enough the detox begins to take hold of her as she stands toward the window in her room and feels the warmth of the sun.

Jerome and Louie have arrived at a mountainous homestead in Little Rock, Arkansas and Jerome is skeptical about setting up a cocaine pipeline in the middle of nowhere. They hop out of the vehicle and Louise is greeted by her pregnant sister, Candy, who then introduces them to her husband, Johnny, who isn't much for introductions. Candy even introduced their daughter, Alisha, to the couple. Louie then points out the other child growing inside Candy, but Candy tells her she ain't pregnant, only for it to be a gag between the 2 of them. Sharles then appears from the house and Candy introduces him as well, but apparently he isn't family. Johnny then tells Sharles to take the kids with him to Mae's place, and Sharles clarifies he isn't a babysitter. Johnny then reminds him that Sharles is sleeping on his sofa in his home, and would lose that privilege should he continue to refuse and Sharles agrees to it, but also requests a taste of whatever product Jerome and Louie brought with them. Everyone else heads in the house.

Jerome is removing a brick from his sound system in the trunk where he had it hidden and Johnny and Candy are surprised by the fact that it's pure. Louie then tells Candy and Johnny that they will show them how to rock it up. Candy has a taste of the pure Colombian brick and she is amazed while Louise is cooking the rock. She then asks why not just sell the blow immediately, and Louie tells her crack is cheaper and more addictive and the margins are better. Louie, of course, wants Candy to pay attention on how to cook crack. When Louie brings up how Candy has her own place, a man of her own, and a beautiful family, Candy points out that half the time, Johnny is on the road half the time and aggravated whenever he is home and can barely provide for his own family. She then points out to Louise she is making bank, especially with no kids of her own and her own nightclub. Louie tells her that she and Jerome discussed it all. Candy then asks about moving the drugs.


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