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Tyrian 2000 Download __HOT__ PC Game

If you haven't played Tyrian or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 1995 by Epic MegaGames, Inc., CDV Software Entertainment AG, Tyrian is still a popular arcade title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.7/5 rating.

Tyrian 2000 Download PC Game

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Original archive (, 4,643k) - The main download file above (DOSBOX_TYRIAN.ZIP) is pre-configured to work DOSBox. This file,, is the original and may require installation / setup.

You can download the full version of Tyrian 2000 from the download store listed below. If you buy a game you don't only get the full version game, you also support DOS Games Archive. For every sale we receive a small fee from the download store which helps us to keep this free website alive. Thank you and have fun!

Tyrian 2000 is an updated re-release of Tyrian 2.0 which adds the fifth episode, new game modes, a ship editor and other extra features.The demo version contains the entire first episode of the game, similar to the original Tyrian shareware releases.

The game also features 7 (9 in Tyrian 2000) hidden "super arcade" modes with specialized ships, requiring the user to type in certain codewords which are shown after beating the game. (The first code is given by beating the regular game, and each consecutive code is given after beating the mode which comes before it.)

The data cubes found in the game's Full Mode contain various references to its parent publishers, including One Must Fall 2097, Jazz Jackrabbit, and Pretzel Pete (Tyrian 2000). The Pretzel Pete Truck and its weapon is a reference to the Pretzel Pete video game.

Version 1.0 of the game was originally released as shareware, consisting of episode 1 of the game. Version 1.1 was the first published registered version, consists of the first three episodes, and includes various bugfixes. The registered version also includes the ship editor, which was later available as separate download. Version 2.0 added Episode 4 (An End to Fate) and several new game modes, like the two-player mode. Version 2.01/2.1 fixed some keyboard bugs and includes the "Christmas mode", triggered by starting the game in December.

The music of Tyrian was created by Alexander Brandon with additional music by Andras Molnar, and is in the LDS (Loudness Sound System) format. The Tyrian 2000 CD includes 25 of the tracks in red book audio format. The red book tracks are omitted from the freeware version due to the download size. The tracks "ZANAC3" and "ZANAC5" are reproductions of two songs from the MSX/NES game Zanac.

We're sticking with the space-theme from last week's Star Wars game to bring you Tyrian 2000 this week, a free download from that channels the spirit of Capcom's 1942 and other classic vertical-scrolling shooters from the arcade era. You'll download the title from the website, which requires an account with an email address. Click below for the link, then follow the download steps:

1) Create an account by clicking "Sign Up" on the top toolbar.2) Click the green "Add to Cart" button once you're signed in.3) Click the green "Checkout Now" button that appears in the upper right corner. You will not be charged any money.4) Click the "Account" button on the top toolbar to access your game library.5) Click the icon for Tyrian 2000 in your list of games.6) Select the PC or Mac version for download, then click on the Installer.7) Run the game on your rig. You may be prompted to turn "Enable accessibility devices" on, as you'll be hitting the space bar - a lot - which can wreak havoc on your operating system.

Tyrian 2000 is a re-release of the original game, Tyrian, which was initially launched as shareware for the DOS operating system in 1995. A three-man team is credited for almost all the work on the game: Alexander Brandon, Jason Emery and Daniel Cook. The team sent the title to Epic MegaGames, which would become Epic Games, makers of the wildly popular Gears of War franchise and creators of the ubiquitous Unreal engine.

This is my Tyrian/Tyrian 2000 page. All the graphics and stuff are mine or World Tree Games's, you can't steal them.It was last updated on 23rd March, making it about the only updated Tyrian page on the net (NOTE: this is no longer true). Why don't you start a page too? There are at least TEN remakes and fan games inspired by X-Com and Tyrian is at least as good as that. Oh well.If you know of any Tyrian mods or active webpages or extra downloadables or cheats I don't have or anything Tyrian related email me here. I AM JUST A FAN AND I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF TYRIAN SO STOP ASKING ME FOR PERMISSION TO REMAKE IT. But still tell me about any remakes you're making.

23rd March 2007 - Hey maybe I should update this thing. I just got an email from Alex Brandon about his new website and a website someone else has set up with all his Tyrian songs on it (but not Andreas Molnar's!(spelling?????)). The songs can play right in your browser exactly how they sound in the game (assuming you used adlib sound like a real man). Anyway the site is here.OH YEAH some dudes over on the forums got the Tyrian sourcecode and they're porting it. After they do that I think they're planning to totally h4x0r it and add features and stuff. If you're sitting there thinking "WHY WASN'T I TOLD" then you should be checking the forums more cause that's where all the cool stuff happens (and on the chatroom - connect to on an IRC client and join the channel #tyrian). Hmm what else, I got emailed a cool hacked version of Tyrian that I should upload, and some other stuff, so if you're reading this after easter email me and remind me to do it okay?

21st November 2005 - Kenneth Frank Henderson Jr sent me a completely new Tyrian level he made. He also has tools and information for editing all sorts of stuff in the game. I will upload those soon but for now you can download his new level here. Just unzip it to your Tyrian directory then start a new game on episode 4.

4th April 2005 - Daniel Cook (Tyrian's artist) has updated his website and added some art he made for other games. See if you can spot the datacube.8th March 2005 - I ripped BEER.LDS from the .MUS file and added it to on the downloads page. And it's my birthday tomorrow!

16th January 2005 - I got an email from a guy named Matthew Ghingold who has received permission from Jason Emery to make Tyrian 2. Set after the events of Tyrian 2000 Trent is back in Tyrian sector and caught up in another war. Further plot details are still being finalized but is expected to have the same reluctant hero theme of the original. It will have several levels on each planet like those in Tyrian 2000 but in 3D. It will also have third person fighting in vehicles, spaceships and on foot (if you eject) in a free roaming 3D battlefield. There will be allied forces fighting with you which have their own AI but as General you can order tactics and manipulate them. These battles are described as shoot 'em ups in an arena-type setting similar to Rogue Squadron or Tachyon: The Fringe. Overall it will be a classic shoot 'em up but a lot more spiced up than most gamers are used to. To me it sounds like it will be more immersive than the original.He has put together a development team and this is what he says about them:Tyrian 2 Team (We are currently NOT accepting new members tothe Tyrian 2 team, sorry):Robert Witko - This guy is the main programmer dude. He knows everyformat back and front and, if he doesn't, it usually takes him aroundhalf an hour to do so. Not only is he going to be the guy behind thecurtains working on game mechanics but I also plan on him giving therest of the group a lesson or two so later on in the project we cantake some of the workload off his back.David Shire [Dorvis]- Our executive 3D artist. When I say "executive"I mean "the only person legitimately qualified." I suck at 3D, Robgave up at 3D (gasp) and Schjimm doesn't know 3D from pencil shavings(no offense). With any luck he'll be able to show the rest of us someof the ropes so, again, down the line he won't be the only onecarrying the weight of his field.Matthew Richardson [Schjimm]- He's the executive creative editor andgame mechanics integration assistant. In short he makes sure a) nostupid ideas of mine make it into the final game and b) he'll beworking along with me in taking Rob's programming and putting Dave'sgraphics to it. He'll also help integrate music, voices, sound effectsand with sound effect generation.Matthew Ghingold [That's me][Olly]- I'm the Chris Kringle of theorganization; I pull everyone and everything together so it all fits.I'll be delegating tasks, seeing to it that we stick to the original,keep in contact with Jason Emery and will be executive game mechanicsintegration meaning I take Dave's images and, like Schjimm, put themto Rob's codes. I'm also delegated the sad task of making sureeverybody (myself included) is doing what they're supposed to bedoing. There are a million ways I can do this wrong; anybody who'sever heard of Warrior's Destiny will easily agree wtih me (the cardgame, not the online RPG). Haven't heard of it? Good. Do yourself atremendous favor and keep it that way.Jason Crowe [Pandable]-Sure, everybody listed above is important. Butwithout this guy no quality game will ever be worth playing. He putsthe icing on the cake. He makes all the beauty of the game shinethrough the screen and into the players ears. Pandable is oursoundtrack guy. He'll be conceptualizing, writing, editing andrecording all the game's music for integration. A game without musicis like a sentence without a verb. Confusing and pointless.Doubtlessly the most important guy on board.Jason Emery (CEO, World Tree Games)- He has no real participation inprogramming (unless he'd like to) but I do feel the need to mentionhim because he has complete veto power over the game. If we want toget it published we have to go through him. He's a very nice and verycool guy. If our game is high quality enough then, with any luck,he'll pursue publishing. I'd like to make sure both of the last twosentences remain true throughout the project. I'll be contacting himwith constant project updates as well so his imput on the game is justas important, if not more important, than everyone else's on theTyrian 2 team. Thanks a million, Mr. Emery. Without you none of thiswould be possible.I'll post a link when they get a website but for now they are focussing on getting development under way. 041b061a72


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