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I have some big size PDF catalogs at my website, and I need to link these as download. When I googled, I found such a thing noted below. It should open the "Save As..." popup at link click...

Use the download attribute, but take into account that it only works for files hosted in the same origin that your code. It means that users can only download files that are from the origin site, same host.

Meta tags are not a reliable way to achieve this result. Generally you shouldn't even do this - it should be left up to the user/user agent to decide what do to with the content you provide. The user can always force their browser to download the file if they wish to.

Save this little snippet as a PHP file somewhere on your server and you can use it to make a file download in the browser, rather than display directly. If you want to serve files other than PDF, remove or edit line 5.

A really simple way to achieve this, without using external download sites or modifying headers etc. is to simply create a ZIP file with the PDF inside and link directly to the ZIP file. This will ALWAYS trigger the Save/Open dialog, and it's still easy for people to double-click the PDF windows the program associated with .zip is launched.

There has been a debate whether this is good practice or not, but in my case I have an embedded viewer for a PDF file and the viewer does not offer a download link, so i have to provide one separately. Here I want to make sure the user does not get the PDF opened in the web browser, which would be confusing.

This won't necessary open the save as-dialog, but will download the link straight to the preset download destination. And of course if you are doing a site for someone else, and need them to write in manually attributes to their links is probably a bad idea, but if there is way to get the attribute into the links, this can be a light solution.

I first tried to create a temporary file, then provided a link to the temporary file, but I found that some browsers would just display the contents (a CSV Excel file) rather than offering to download. Eventually I found the solution by using a servlet. It works both on Tomcat and GlassFish, and I tried it on Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome.

Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: C:\Users\user1\Downloads\SeriesTitle.S01E03.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF[rarbg]. Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder.

If I leave QBT to download at (T:) which is only a temp location for (D:) then once I manually relocate those files and move them to (D:) then sonarr will revert back to files missing once it scans that location. So I figured that after seen how it works, that I would just point QBT to (D:) and allow sonarr to create the series folders in (D:) and let sonarr automatically move/relocate future incoming episodes to those folders so this would serve two purposes for me: 1: all these folders would now take the place of one single temp folder location and 2: I would not need to manually relocate/move these files constantly from (T:) to (D:) at that remote machine.

The only rename setting that I modified was for the series title to place periods between words of the titlename, everything else I left default. What do you suggest I set the episode name to? The names are fine as they are except the appended [rarbg] at the end of each file; for example: episodetitle.S02E17.720p.WEB.H264-AMRAP[rarbg].mkv

For example, if the indexer releases the 720p-web for a group(xlf) which is released first and my series is tagged with (ntb) which will be released 12-hrs later; with the above condition sonarr will not grab the (xlf) release and wait till the (ntb) is released to grab it, is that correct?

Visit the official website of Wondershare UniConverter and download the tool and install it. Once done, launch the tool and select the Converter option present on the screen's top left side. Here you will notice the + Add Files option, click on it and select all the MKV videos that you wish to convert. 041b061a72


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