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[S2E3] Form [UPD]

Turns out Harry can change people's memories as easily as he can his own form. We learn Harry's replaced their memories of the previous night with that of an FBI agent showing up that day and stopping them from ever going to Harry's cabin in the first place. The agent flatters them and tells them the FBI is taking over the case. So there's no need for them to continue looking into the crime. Problem solved!

[S2E3] Form

Nancy and Jonathan set a meeting with Mrs. Holland over the phone to talk about Barb while Hawkins Lab staff listen in. Hopper and Owens watch as his men take samples of the infected soil and pumpkins, the latter telling the former to think of a cover story to tell the town and keep the area clear. Hopper gets a call from Powell, who is at the scene where Eleven used her powers in front of the mother. He leaves quickly. Eleven arrives at Hawkins Middle, smiling as she sees Mike's bike. The boys split up and search the school, Mike encountering Max also searching for Dart in the gym. She asks why he clearly does not want her around, and he tells her the group does not need a new member, accidentally referencing Eleven and inadvertently revealing he does not want a new girl replacing her. As she skates circles around Mike on her board and he briefly warms to her, Eleven follows his voice to the door of the gym and sees the situation with no context. Enraged, she trips Max using her powers and becomes heartbroken when Mike helps her up. Realizing Eleven might be nearby, Mike hurries out of the gym to where she just was, but does not see anyone.

Then, Stacie brings us closer to current events with the unfortunate tale of the celebrated marriage of writers Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein. When they wed in 1976, they were considered a power couple. Bernstein had recently been half of the dynamic duo who took down a president, and Ephron was a columnist for Esquire magazine who was reinventing the form for women. They were the life of party in DC and New York, until Bernstein fell for the wife of a foreign ambassador. From this catastrophe, Ephron rebuilt herself and her career, and found lasting greatness.

Did anyone count the seconds Shoshanna and Jessa turned up on screen in this episode of Girls? More than twenty, but less than a full minute, surely. The problem with any episode that focuses entirely on Hannah is that Hannah is, by far, the least likable of the foursome. In small doses she can be fine -- the cold open was a thing of beauty to anyone who works in, or pays close attention to, media. Hannah, looking to do some kind of Woody Allen-esque "I just want to talk about how awkward I am" piece, or maybe some kind of long-form old-school journalism is told, "have a threesome with strangers you meet off of Craiglist. Or go on a cocaine binge. Just an idea." Hit the jump to see how that played out, as well as why you should "look at the doll and describe her!"

We're almost halfway through The Witcher's second season, and so far we've seen a softer, gentler version of Geralt as he takes Ciri under his wing and begins her Witcher training. We say goodbye to Eskel in the most Witcher way possible, and Ciri runs a gruelling gauntlet. But the star of this episode is Yennefer of Vengerberg who, true to form, watches the world burn around her.

Lambert mocks Ciri training with a stuffed dummy, and much like in previous episodes, she remains defiant and asks to be trained properly. Lambert is only too happy to oblige and takes her to a training obstacle course where she's beaten and bruised by various bits of potentially deadly pendulums, sharp spinning objects, and wobbly platforms. She keeps going and going until at the last jump, she falls, which Geralt notes. There's a turning point in their relationship here as Geralt realises he needs to push her harder, whereas Ciri is still struggling with the idea of perfectionism and letting others guide her. A normal father-daughter relationship with various bastard uncles, then.

I am begging this show: Less of the stuff like Alex waiting out Laura at the interview, trying not to go out of her dressing room area first. There's a reason people call petty power moves petty! They are petty, in that they are trivial, in that they are not compelling, in that they lack meaning unless they are imbued with it from elsewhere! Even if they are true to life, they are not interesting. We already know Alex is a spoiled celebrity; this does not offer new information.

As always, we'll start with a quick recap. In what's presumably been setup as the format for future episodes, we start with a brief scene from the present time before we jump to the past. In this episode, Teresa (Dewan-Tatum) and Leo (Levine) are attempting to evade Bloody Face and even manage to do so for a hot, blood-soaked second, but end up running afoul of two Bloody Face-masked men who shoot the duo in cold blood. Too bad for them that the real (?) Bloody face is after them next.

Still a crazy amount of events crammed into each episode. No new additions this week, so let's break it down by character development (or degeneration). Sister Jude had the most to lose this week as she succumbed to Sister Mary Eunice's lies, Dr. Arden's strong-arming and her own personal demons that drove her to drink. Her selection of Cecil B. DeMille's 1932 film, The Sign of the Cross, was a nice stroke by the writers on a number of levels: the film centers on Emperor Nero blaming the Christians for burning Rome and sentences them to die in the battle arena (quite an odd choice for a Catholic nun, don't you think?), it was DeMille's concluding film to his Biblical trilogy (after The Ten Commandments and The King of Kings), and it inspired the formation of the Catholic Legion of Decency in 1934, which spoke out against material that the Catholic Church found objectionable.

Speaking of pop culture references, there's an interesting bit where a drunk Sister Jude has a moment of compassion and attempts to calm the anxious patients by reciting the lyrics to "You'll Never Walk Alone," a song from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, "Carousel." This may be a throwback to a better memory for Sister Jude, as it predates her hit-and-run tragedy by four years. Perhaps she was a singer or stage performer? Either way, her demons come back to her, literally, in the form of a phone call from beyond the grave and a quick flash of what looked like a bat demon confronting her.

Richie demands payments from a former associate, "Beansie" Gaeta, now the proprietor of pizzerias. When Beansie refuses, Richie viciously assaults him. Another night, he waits in a parking lot and threatens Beansie with a gun, but he manages to escape. Later, Beansie returns to his car, but Richie rams into him and then drives over him as he lies on the ground. In the hospital, Beansie is told he may never walk again. Tony then asserts his authority over Richie and tells him there will be a problem if he does not show respect.

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A little worse for wear, La Sirena arrives in Earth orbit and begins an uncontrolled dive. Fortunately Picard has the presence of mind to crash in the vineyards of Château Picard in La Barre, eastern France, rather than risk it near a populated area. Unfortunately, Elnor dies from his injuries. Thus begins a three-strand plot thread for this episode: Raffi, Seven and Rios beam to Los Angeles to look for "the watcher" that the Borg has said is critical to restoring the timeline while Picard and Jurati attempt to restore the Borg Queen back to health and squeeze some more information from her. Obviously that's only two plot threads, but things will become clear in a moment.

The quality of this episode comes from good writing and solid direction, but it also benefits from great casting and Annie Wersching is deliciously sinister as the Borg Queen. The only way it seems to get the required information about the location of Guinan the all-important "watcher" is for Jurati to plug connect herself to the Queen, which you know, carries the risk of assimilation. And despite the absence of the more traditional method of assimilation, which usually involves having a couple of tubes unceremoniously inserted into your body, releasing a swarm of deadly nanoprobes that rebuild your body from the inside, this battle of wits set piece is written in a such way that still makes every minute enthralling.

In the ruins of Ragako, Conny stands by his house where the small-limbed Titan lies. Reiner and Bertholdt join him, asking if any survivors were found, and Conny tearfully informs them that no one was found. Reiner comes to his side to comfort him while Bertholdt stands aside. Gelgar joins them and asks if any bodies were seen, and the three recruits admit to seeing none. Gelgar wonders at this while Lynne proposes the idea that they escaped to Wall Sina before the Titans arrived. Conny's mood is lightened at this possibility, though Gelgar remains secretly skeptical considering the houses were all destroyed despite there being no signs of blood or gore, and furthermore the horses remained tied up at the town stables.

In Wall Sina, the Scouts from the assault on Stohess continue on their ride to Ehrmich District. Levi notices Hange eyeing a crystal and asks if their hobbies are dull enough to make rock-collecting entertaining, and Hange agrees. Hange explains that the crystal is a fragment of the Female Titan's hardened skin, which did not evaporate with the rest of Annie's Titan form. Hange recounts their earlier research where they discovered that a fragmented piece of Wall Sina bore the same overall composition as Annie's crystal. 041b061a72


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