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Buy Cordyceps __FULL__

Lau explained that cordyceps normally grows in high-altitude areas like Tibet or Qinghai province of China, from winter to summer. Its relative rarity and the over-harvesting have made the fungus extremely precious now.

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In the Chung Chou City shop on Stockton Street in Chinatown, which specializes in selling different types of cordyceps, a glass jar of the Tibetan variety reveals an eye-popping price tag of some $26,999 per pound. Others go for more than $30,000 per pound.

A study published in the journal Radiation Research showed that in mice, cordyceps offered some protection against the effects of whole body radiation therapy on the bone marrow and intestinal tract. Additional studies in mice reported anti-hyperglycemic effects, perhaps paving the way for development of natural agents for treating diabetes.

Since it can lower blood sugar levels, diabetics should check with their doctors to determine whether they can safely take cordyceps. People with blood cancers or bleeding disorders should not take cordyceps as it increases the production of progenitor red blood cells and has blood-thinning effects. It may also increase testosterone production. The safety of cordyceps has not been established in young children, pregnant and nursing women.

To treat general weakness, take cordyceps once or twice per day following the dosage advice on the product. Generally the dose is five to ten grams per day. For health maintenance, take it once or twice a week. Use a lower dose with concentrated extracts.

Cordyceps is one of my favorite treatments for a natural energy boost and I highly recommend it to my patients who struggle with low mood and compromised overall vitality. I recommend that you experiment with cordyceps for a couple of months.

Our Muscle & Joint CBD Softgels combine the benefits of our full spectrum hemp oil with B-vitamins, cordyceps, and licorice root to support systemic health and provide natural relief and recovery, all in one easy to use daily softgel.*

Formulated with cordyceps, hops extract, and licorice root extract. These terpenes have a natural soothing effect to address feelings of tension and stiffness, helping you to stay active and do what you enjoy.* 041b061a72


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