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...even more grey days.

The weather was lovely at the beginning of last w.eek, so i spent a few days tidying and sorting out my greenhouse and the garden. Planted onion, broccoli and sweet pepper seeds so looking forward to them making a show, provided I don't kill them first.

Also looking forward to the weather improving enough for me to sit outside with a coffee and a book, even if I have to cwtch under a blanket. I'm sure the reason why the first lock down was less painful than this current one, is because the weather was fantastic all the way through April and May 2020 - in fact the weather only took a turn for the worse, at the moment when the kids should've officially finished school for the summer holidays. It's like a starting pistol for crappy weather....the last day of term.

This week the weather has been awful and now we have strong winds and heavy rain - not so worried about killing the seedlings, more concerned about my greenhouse flying away and my gazebo ending up being trashed - oh well, what's life without a challenge?

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