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Lockdown 2, day 46 ish..

Morning folks, hope you're well? It's day 2 of catch-up week with regards to school work so we've nothing new to deal with until after the mid-term holiday, which starts on Friday, so that's a relief and a bonus. They did announce last week that they were going to begin a phased return to school after the holiday too so I'm crossing everything that, that happens, sooner rather than later - getting my boy to do anything related to school work, is nigh on impossible and a daily battle - I hate it. Apart from anything else, I don't get another thing done, so I feel like I'm back in school too. Spoon feeding him maths that I have to look back and relearn (I was never any good at maths) before I can show him the way forward.

His Dad thinks I'm too soft and I let him away with everything, anything for an easy life apparently. It's not like that at all though, I just like my house to remain as calm as possible and me yelling at Aedan like some kind of screaming banshee, stressing us both out, while we're locked in here together for god knows how much longer, doesn't make for a calm and happy environment. That added to the challenge of trying to get him to keep his room tidy and stopping him from leaving everything lying around for me to clear up is nothing short of exhausting - it's trying to find that balance where you can get him to want to do stuff, without me losing the plot.....if anyone knows how to do that yet, please tell me your secret?

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