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The Lavender Road..

Today wasn't meant to happen the way it did, and for some odd reason I've come back and I'm not overly happy with any of my photos. But, I suppose we're all allowed an off day...

Think I drove over 200 miles in the end with a last minute decision to go up to Kinross adding on a fair bit extra mileage but bribing Aedan with a McSpicy from McDonalds seemed to keep him happy for a wee bit longer after already dragging him up to East Lothian this morning.

My mission today was Lavender...Lothian Lavender in East Lothian was beautiful and I'll definitely go back there every year to take photos. Hoping that they do well too as it's a fairly new venture - fingers crossed Covid doesn't close everything down again and their wee business gets the chance to flourish. That whole area is stunning too and well worth a visit if you're anywhere near Edinburgh and fancy a bit of road trip.

Scottish lavender Oils, up near Kinross, was beautiful too but soooo busy and I couldn't really get any of the shots I wanted. So I took a few, then left a bit disappointed...

Here's today's haul...

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Loved having you at our little lavender garden Sharon and your photos really are lovely . Thanks for coming x

Replying to

Always welcome x

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